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43.    Like the calf growing into  a  bull,  the tender elephant
into a tusker, and the whelp into a lion, BO also the
prince, who rivalled Indra in fame, attained maturity
like the young moon gaining the fulness of beauty.
44.    On the prosperous and splendid son Bukkaraja  the king
laid the burden of (governing) the earth, and devoted
himself to charity, and the pleasures of the chase and
of women.
45.    (Possibly designing) to make a new garment for Sambhu
just to please the moon and the deer (of Siva), or to
protect the cows (in the land), or to destroy the orna-
ment on the standard of the enemy (the Cola), he killed
the tigers in the forest along with lions of irresistible
might, while he (only) frightened the elephant (without
killing it) because its globes were beautiful like the
breasts of women*
46.    Enjoying   the   status of  the  crown prince,   Bukkaraja
ruled the earth with as much power in his charge as his
47.    "With him (Bukka) the earth seemed to have Rama (for
her ruler), because he shone by killing his enemies (was
accompanied by Satrughna). was learned in the dance
(was followed by Bbarata), had good qualities and was
devoted to Hari and Isvara (was attended by Laksmana
and the monkey Lord Hanuman), was a foe to villains
(Khara), and afraid of slander (terror to Dusana).
48.    The nails of his feet being reflected on the coronets of the
kings who made obeisance to him caused pleasure by
appearing like the coloured sprouts of fame or garlands
of pearl
49.    Then the broad-minded son of Lord Harihara, firm in his
valour, set out to conquer the JLndhra ruler who was
defiant on account of his pride and the accession of
ttrength by hi* alliance with the Yavanas (Muham-